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Giada's Obsessions, Vol. 2


You guys seemed to love this last time - so here's a bit of what I'm obsessing over right now!

1. All natural dog bed from Avocado mattresses. I know, I know... I'm spoiling my babies. But I'm in love with my new dog/family member Enzo, and I want to give him the very best!!
2. Shane and Jade have been loving Pizzana Pizza. They get the cacio e pepe pizza, pepperoni, and mushroom. I gotta say - it's pretty darn good.
obsessions 2
3. My olive oil and rice face scrub, specifically with black rice flour. I used to always use generic rice flour, but the black rice flour from my friend Cristina's farm in Italy is full of antioxidants and I swear it gives me a better glow. I just love it. (Shop it here!)
4. I went to see Moulin Rouge in NYC with Jade on spring break. She LOVES musicals, so I've been trying to take her when I can. It was phenomenal! 
obsessions 3
5. Baggy jeans... ok, what's everyone's thoughts on these? According to Jade, the skinny jeans are OUT (though I'm sure they'll make their way back eventually!). I've been trying to find a pair but they are either too high, too low, or tooooo baggy. I think I found a good pair with Mother Denim but if you have recs, please send them!
6. I haven't taken the time to get a pedicure in awhile, and I'm so excited to get one next week in prep for my Italian cruise coming up (stay tuned for tons of pics). I'm going coral!

7. My very favorite orange infused olive oil is making its way back to Giadzy soon. I always tell my team to PLEASE tell me when it's coming back first thing, because I'm always late, and you guys buy it before I can! 😂 Luckily, we have it set up for pre-order right now, so everyone can get dibs! I'll be making my orange olive oil cake the minute I receive mine!

8. I just discovered Gigi Burris hats!! The Kyleigh brim hat is so cute. 

9. I’ve been super intrigued by Ayuverda lately & learning so much. I’m a Vata - the Dosha that runs cold - and it's been very interesting learning about what that means for what my optimal daily routines should look like...
Okay guys! Until next time... CIAO!