Gold-Wrapped Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Delicate and fruity, our unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from Liguria is as good as gold.

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There’s nothing more valuable in the kitchen than a top-quality olive oil—that’s why we wrapped our Giadzy extra virgin olive oil in gold! Light and fruity, it’s made with native taggiasca olives in the Liguria region, known as the Italian Riviera. The olives are cold-pressed and their oil is left unfiltered to preserve its rich, aromatic flavor and all those good-for-you antioxidants that make olive oil a healthy powerhouse. Golden yellow in color, our olive oil has a delicate, sweet flavor with notes of ripe olives and almonds. The bottle is wrapped in gold foil to protect the delicate oil from oxidation, a fittingly luxurious package for such a stunning elixir.

Northern Liguria shares a border with France, where the taggiasca olive is known as a niçoise. The small, juicy taggiasca olive is beloved across the Riviera region both for eating and as a source of an oil of exceptional delicacy and aroma. They are harvested once they reach the dark blue-violet color of peak ripeness, resulting in a milder, less bitter oil than those made with unripe olives. Olives are such an important part of life in Liguria that their groves line the cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean, giving the coastline a romantic, silvery glow as you approach from the water. Ligurian olive oils are known to be elegant and well-balanced, without aggressively bitter or tannic notes. The region was the perfect place for us to source our very first in-house olive oil, a crowd-pleasing variety that sings of its unique Italian home.

This unfiltered olive oil has notes of ripe olives and almond. To protect its subtle flavors, enjoy it as a finishing oil and on cold dishes, or heat sparingly over low-to-medium heat. It pairs well with seafood dishes and carpaccio, as well as salads like a classic panzanella. Try drizzling it over melon and prosciutto or bruschetta topped with a creamy fresh cheese like burrata. It’s also delightful as a finishing touch on risottos and other rice dishes.
Size: 17 oz
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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