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Giada Needed To Recreate These Cookies From Puglia

14 August 2022
by Giadzy
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Have you ever experienced a bite of food on vacation that was so good, you immediately knew you had to recreate the recipe at home? For Giada, that was the case with these almond cookies.

In the south of Puglia resides a beautiful city adorned in baroque architecture and dazzling sights everywhere you look: Lecce. This city, dubbed "the Florence of the south," has even more delights to be discovered: from creamy gelato to decadent espresso drinks, Lecce is a haven for wonderful desserts. 
The treats at La Fiermontina in Lecce were no exception. A 17th-century home-turned-hotel, the café here serves up almond cookies that Giada fell in love with right away. She captioned the below photo with "i ate them all!"
lecce almond cookies
Crunchy with sugar on the outside, not too chewy and not too soft, these magical little cookies have a unique and delicious texture. Absolutely perfect alongside some hot espresso - or, do as they do in Lecce and make a traditional caffè leccese: an iced espresso with sweet almond syrup.
While there's no replacing La Fiermontina's delightful almond cookies, our at-home recipe is a close contender. As an added bonus, these cookies happen to be both gluten and dairy free, making them a perfect inclusive treat to make for company.
Grab the recipe here!


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