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10 Dishes You Must Try In Capri

03 May 2023
by Giadzy
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When in Capri, you soak up the sun, see the sights, pretend you're a glamorous celebrity on holiday, and you eat these 7 dishes.

Capri is a stunning destination with something for everybody - nature lovers, foodies, avid shoppers and more. There is so much to do and see at this favorite Italian destination, but the food is in its own category of delicious from any other place in Italy. Thanks to the coastal harvest and abundance of lemons, seafood is king in Capri - but there are a few other delicious dishes that are not to be missed.

1. Ravioli Alla Caprese

This simple and succulent dish is the most popular primo on the island of Capri. Tender, plump ravioli are stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and marjoram. They get a spoonful of fresh pomodoro ladled right on top with a sprig of basil - it's everything we love about simple, beautiful Italian food in one delicious dish. Try Giada's recipe here!

2. Lemon Spaghetti from Da Paolino

If you have made Giada's Lemon Spaghetti (known as Spaghetti Al Limone in Italy) then we don't need to say anything to you about how perfect it is... because you already know! The dish was inspired from this institution of a restaurant in Capri, and it's an absolute must when you're on the island. The outdoor dining is set amongst hundreds of lemon trees, and the ambiance alone from the fragrance and beauty is good enough reason to go... it just so happens that the food is delicious, too! 

3. Seafood Scialatielli Pasta
Seafood Scialatielli Pasta

Scialatielli is a thick, short noodle similar to fettuccine or linguine that is a specialty to the Italian coast, and it lends itself perfectly to being tossed with a plethora of ocean-fresh seafood. You'll find it in Capri tossed with clams, shrimp, mussels, and all kinds of fresh harvest from the ocean. For a twist on the recipe, try Giada's spicy linguine with clams and mussels.


4. Caprese Salad

The grand Hotel Quisisana in Capri was the first place to ever have a Caprese Salad printed on a menu - and thus, the famous dish was born. There is truly no better place in the world to enjoy the beloved tricolore salad than Italy in the summer - especially along the coast! Try Giada's recipe for an at-home version.

5. L'impepata Di Cozze

Any non-Italian speaker would be immediately confused by this unfamiliar looking title, but worry not - it translates simply to "Peppered Mussels"! Seafood is abundant in Capri, and thanks to the coastal harvest, it has a freshness unlike anywhere else. The mussels are in a flavorful broth of garlic, white wine, pepper and parsley. With some crusty bread to sop up the broth, it is absolute perfection. Try Giada's amped up version of the dish with fennel and Italian beer in place of wine!


6. Torta Caprese

It's hard to say what dish of Capri is the one you should prioritize, but if you love chocolate, then the Torta Caprese needs to be on your radar. Torta Caprese is simply a flourless chocolate cake made with almond meal, giving it a delicious airiness, fudginess and nuttiness all at once. Be sure to grab a slice at any bakery as you meander around the island - you will not regret it! (And you can always make Giada's recipe here - it's an absolute favorite)


7. Aperol Spritz

The ultimate aperitivo cocktail is ubiquitous around all of Italy, but they're truly impossible to miss in Capri. Indulge in the languid aperitivo hour vibe and get yourself an Aperol Spritz! 


8. Fried Zucchini Blossoms

Fried Zucchini Blossoms from Da Luigi

This dish has become mainstream on contemporary Italian restaurant menus in the US in the last few years, and with good reason. Zucchini is abundant in Capri and a staple vegetable on menus throughout the island - so why not utilize the flowers? They are usually stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese, sometimes with anchovies, and then breaded and fried in a light batter that is almost reminiscent to tempura. You won't get tired of this appetizer - promise!


9. Acqua Pazza

This seafood dish, which translates to "crazy water," is spicy and full of bold and vibrant flavor. It's a staple dish of Naples, which naturally made its way over to the island of Capri. Try Giada's recipe here!


10. Limoncello

You'll find this drink all over Italy, but it's in few places that it's actually made from the local lemons - which it is in Capri! Legend has it that limoncello was born in a woman's home in Capri in the early 1900s, made with her own lemons to serve to guests. It is now homemade all over the Amalfi coast, and everywhere you try it, the taste is slightly different from the local lemons of each environment. Cin cin! 


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