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Prepare For Positano With These 5 Seaside Dishes

11 April 2019
by Giadzy
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Positano is famous for its colorful cliffside town and beautiful views, but we're here to talk about the city's delicious and deceptively simple food!

From perfectly prepared seafood, to delicious pasta, limoncello-doused desserts and everything in between, Positano is one of our favorite towns to dine in Italy (as long as you avoid the tourist traps - follow our travel guide HERE!) Positano is known for very simple, clean, and delicious food. With abundant seafood from the Tyrrhenian sea and freshly picked produce adorning every grocery storefront, it's easy to see why!

If you are heading there soon, dive into this list - and get started cooking your way through this seaside town's flavors in anticipation for your trip!

Positano Pizzas - While spending time in Positano, Giada was served a version of this dish as an amuse-bouche at a beachside restaurant called Le Tre Sorelle. Now, Giada loves making these at home with Jade and her friends! They're technically little sandwiches made of pizza dough, and stuffed with mozzarella, tomatoes, and Parmigiano, then baked again until melty. Simple and delicious, perfectly in line with the food of Positano!

Pan Seared Branzino - This is the fastest fish dish you will ever make, and Giada loves to make it for quick weeknight get-togethers. It’s super colorful and impressive, with the flavors of Positano in every bite. Branzino, a European sea bass, is abundant in the Tyrrhenion sea of Positano, and fresh fish is brought up to restaurants on the daily. To truly emulate the experience, head to your local fishmonger for the freshest catch!

Mussels With Italian Beer - Mussels are also very typical of southern Italian cooking, especially in Puglia, where they're eaten raw, breaded and br√ªléed, and layered with potatoes and rice, paella-style. Giada likes to steam them with fennel, tarragon, and some beer—Italian, of course!

Limoncello - You can't walk 20 feet in Positano without seeing a gift shop filled to the brim with limoncello! It may as well be the official drink of the Amalfi Coast as a whole, flavored with the peel of their signature lemons. Making a batch for yourself is the easiest way to really be transported into the Positano state of mind!

Pound Cake With Limoncello Zabaglione - You can give any dish a Positano twist by adding limoncello. This easy dessert dresses up store-bought poundcake by using limoncello in two ways: to macerate berries with, and added to a creamy custard sauce. Limoncello is used as a digestif after meals to settle the stomach in Positano, so it makes sense to eat it with your dessert after dinner!


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