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If You Only Bake One Chocolate Cake, Make It This One

27 January 2017
by Lish Steiling
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Have your cake and eat it too – Giada's Culinary Director, Lish Steiling, insists! She gives us the low-down on the best chocolate ganache cake she's ever encountered, along with the recipe to recreate it at home.

I am the first to admit that I am not a baker. Don't get me wrong, I can do it but it is not where I find the most joy. Not having much patience when it comes to chemistry and measuring doesn't help either. So when I bake, I want it to be easy and pretty much fool proof with an outstanding result.
Last year we had one massive snow day in NYC. Everyone knew it was going to happen so the city was prepared. Me? That meant I got to spend the day making my play on sauce genovese, fresh pasta and some pomodoro just to have in the freezer for later. Delightful. But much to my dismay after enjoying our dinner that night, my wife turned to me and asked with just a touch of sarcasm "So what's for dessert? I could sure go for chocolate cake right now." Well there was no way we were heading out to buy chocolate cake so I went to my metro shelf of cookbooks, looked back on my time time at the Today show and fondly remembered having the opportunity to work with John Barricelli of Sono Baking Company. The fond part was not only that he was a delight to work with and was so willing to share his knowledge of what he did, but most of all that all of his recipes worked and turned out amazing!! So I pulled out the Sono Baking Company Cookbook and went to town. And got lucky too because we actually had everything to make the Chocolate Sponge cake from the Sono Chocolate Ganache Cake. We threw it together, baked it off, made a makeshift peanut butter frosting (didn't have the ingredients for the ganache) and sat down to devour our delicious masterpiece. I kid you not I have made this cake a number of times since, complete with the ganache now, and it is always a crowd pleaser.
So on this official day of chocolate cake...go ahead, just eat the cake!


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