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Giada's Italian Easter Menu

11 April 2017
by Giada De Laurentiis
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It wouldn't be a DeLaurentiis Easter without an all-out Italian feast.

In my family, and many Italian families for that matter, Easter is a big gathering. It's a time for the entire family to come together, cook and spend quality time. This year, my grandmother has the honor of hosting and everyone will be there – my cousins, Aunt Raffy, all the kids – and we're doing an all-out Italian feast. There are a few dishes that make the menu every year, like a leg of lamb which was my grandfather Dino's favorite and a traditional sweet Easter pie, and it wouldn't be an Italian get-together without creamy risotto. This light and creamy artichoke risotto has all of my favorite springtime veggies, and is the perfect compliment for a salad of arugula and tomatoes served over fluffy ricotta cheese. And to kick off the celebration, there's nothing more festive than a bellini bar, fit with different juices, purees and garnishes so guests can serve themselves.
And luckily, this menu is surprisingly simple to throw together so you can spend time doing what's most important; enjoying your company!


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