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A DIY Bruschetta Bar for Entertaining Made Easy

Let your guests do the work for cocktail party snacks that are as fun as they are delicious.

Bruschetta are the ultimate cocktail party nibble, the perfect combination of savory flavors in a bite that's easy to balance with a drink in one hand. Bright salumi, rich cheeses, and summer-ripe fruits and vegetables all make perfect bruschetta toppers, but the only limit to what you can use is your imagination.
For a more laid-back approach to your next party, set out a spread of possible toppings and let your guests assemble their own bites as they like. It makes a beautiful table arrangement and its a great conversation starter - aim for a mix of colors in your ingredients and set out a few glowing bottles of balsamic vinegar and golden olive oil to catch the light and season to taste at the same time!
Try a few of my favorite bruschetta recipes as jumping-off points, or let your creativity run free. Mozzarella and its creamy cousin burrata provide a milky foundation that plays well with bold flavors like sweet strawberries or a savory tomato pesto. And bitter endive pairs perfectly with rich, salty prosciutto. Whatever you choose, make sure to have lots of toasts on hand!


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