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A Different Kind of Spritz For Summer

16 June 2023
by Giadzy

A Different Kind of Spritz For Summer

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We love the ubiquitous Aperol spritz, but there's another liqueur that's just as delicious for an aperitivo.

On Giada’s most recent trip to Rome, she met up with Sophie Minchilli, one of our favorite resident Romans, for a spritz. Although Aperol spritzes have gained immense popularity in the United States in the last decade or so, the simple formula of any strongly flavored liqueur lightened with prosecco and soda water is a favorite across Italy. In Rome, Giada and Sophie enjoyed theirs with Campari, the bright-red liqueur that hails from Milan.


With notes of herbs and grapefruit, Campari is less sweet and more bitter than Aperol. It also happens to be an important component in another classic Italian cocktail: the Negroni. Campari can be an acquired taste for some, but a light, sparkling spritz is a great way to try it for the first time.


Its fantastic effervescence and balance of bitterness and sweetness makes the Campari spritz the perfect drink to enjoy with snacks at aperitivo hour. Giada and Sophie enjoyed theirs with olives and lupini, a type of snacking bean that is common in Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean. Lupini are large, flat beans that are reminiscent of lima beans or chickpeas, but are saltier and have a great toothsome bite. Sophie’s dad used to eat them instead of popcorn at the movie theater as a kid! 


To try a Campari spritz for yourself, combine 1½ ounces of Campari, 3 ounces of prosecco, and ¾ ounce of soda water. It might just become your new favorite summer drink. Cin cin!



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