Mezze Millerighe Pasta


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With deep furrows that run the length of its wide tubes, this millerighe ("thousand lines") from Setaro is satisfyingly stocky addition to your pasta pantry. The grooved texture of this distinctive pasta creates a denser bite that allows its robust flavor to shine, showcasing the high quality of the raw ingredients go into this deceptively simple product. In addition, millerighe’s many ridges create extra surface area for sauce to cling to, ensuring every mouthful is as flavorful as can be. This mezze millerighe is shorter and wider than a ziti or rigatoni. It’s a versatile shape that will be right at home in just about any recipe.

Since 1939, the Setaro family have been making pasta on a winding street in Torre Annunziata in Naples, known as the pasta capital of Italy. Their factory is on the same street, in fact, where Giada's grandfather once made his own pasta! The semolina flour they use is minimally processed, creating a more flavorful pasta than those found in the U.S. Setaro employs the traditional method of air-drying pasta in the cool, salt-tinged breezes that blow in through wild rosemary bushes from the Mediterranean coast, a practice that makes for a delightfully chewy finished product.

While millerighe can easily swap into any short pasta recipe you like, robust dishes that take advantage of its sauce-loving ridges are a terrific match. Try it with a classic pasta alla Genovese, which, contrary to its name, is traditional in Naples, not Genoa! The slow-cooked caramelized onions and ground beef create a luscious sauce that will coat the millerighe’s peaks and valleys.

Setaro does not include a cooking time on their pasta bags; they recommend that savvy cooks should start tasting the pasta after about 10 minutes of boiling to catch it at the perfect al dente texture.

Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten.
1.1 lbs