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Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everyone’s favorite allium is infused in this rich, fragrant olive oil from the Sorrento coast.

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Garlic lovers, rejoice! This fragrant garlic-infused olive oil from Frantoio Gargiulo is just the thing to add the rich flavor of everyone’s favorite allium to your recipes in a snap. Commonly grown in the sweltering south of Italy, garlic is one of the region’s most iconic flavors, showing up in pasta sauces, focaccia, and so much more. To capture its complex aroma without any sulfur or bitterness, Gargiulo selects the freshest local garlic to infuse into their signature extra virgin olive oil pressed from local olives native to the Sorrento peninsula. Fragrant and robust, this is an amazing finishing oil and a wonderful tool for building layers of flavor as you cook.

The Gargiulo family has been making olive oil in the steep hills of Sorrento since 1849, when they bought a small stone mill and manual press for the family farm. In the 1970s, they began selling their oils to share the unique flavors of their southern Italian home with the world. Today, the third-generation company is dedicated to preserving family tradition while innovating new ways to make the best extra-virgin olive oil. Olives are harvested by hand and monitored at every step of the process. They are proud to represent the rich flavors of Sorrento with their traditional and flavored oils.

Warm and fragrant, this infused olive oil is a wonderful finishing touch for many dishes. Anywhere you love the taste of fresh garlic can get a boost from a drizzle of this oil, from soups and pastas to salads, meats, and roasted vegetables. For the easiest bruschetta ever, drizzle over toasts and top with chopped ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. Or enjoy alone as a dip for bread to appreciate the robust garlic flavor!
Size: 8.5 fl oz
90% Extra virgin olive oil, 10% garlic

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