Ravioli Rolling Pin

Make fresh ravioli in a snap with this clever rolling pin that shapes and seals as it goes.

Material | Maple & Walnut Wood

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Gorgeously uniform fresh ravioli are in your future with this ingenious ravioli rolling pin made just for Giadzy. Crafted by hand from maple with walnut wood inserts, this clever tool stamps out evenly spaced, identical ravioli in one smooth roll. Handcrafted tools like this have been used by Italian nonnas for centuries to make the loving labor of making fresh pasta for the family a little simpler and a whole lot faster. If you’ve ever been intimidated by the idea of making your own ravioli, this durable, beautiful rolling pin will become your favorite kitchen helper!

Simply lay out your sheet of fresh pasta, spread your filling in an even layer, lay another sheet of pasta overtop, and roll! This tool shapes and seals each raviolo as it goes, saving you tons of time and effort. Use with a simple ricotta or meat filling, or get creative and come up with your signature spin on this delectable filled pasta.

A favorite in northern Italy, ravioli as we know it was first served to the royal courts of Milan and Mantova in the 15th or 16th centuries. It was stuffed with cheese and greens like turnip tops and spinach or chopped meat. It quickly became a favorite among all the classes as a way to use leftover meat and bits of vegetables that would otherwise not be enough to make a hearty meal. Today, ravioli can be found served in brodo, tossed with a classic pomodoro sauce, or simply coated in butter or olive oil to let the flavorful filling shine through.

Make Giada’s fresh pasta dough and roll into two equally sized long rectangles. Spread your ravioli filling evenly over one sheet of pasta, then top with the second sheet. Starting at the edge of the pasta sheet, roll this rolling pin in one smooth motion down the length of the sheet to shape the ravioli filling into uniform rectangles and seal the pasta edges together at once. Use our brass ravioli cutter or a knife to separate the ravioli and boil for a few minutes before serving.
Material: Maple & Walnut Wood