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Brass Pasta Cutter

This luxuriously durable brass cutter rolls smoothly and cleanly through any pasta project.

Material | Brass

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With a beautiful heft from its solid, all-brass construction, this pasta cutter will make short work of any fresh pasta project you can dream up. Handcrafted in luxuriously durable brass with a smooth finish and sharp cutting wheel, it glides easily and cleanly through fresh pasta dough for clean edges and a professional finish. The weight of this cutter provides all the pressure you need to cut through even multiple layers of pasta dough, taking the work off of your hands and making every project feel easier and move faster.

With the right tools, even the most impressive pasta project can be achieved in your home. Handcrafted tools like this cutter have been used by Italian nonnas for centuries to make the loving labor of making fresh pasta for the family simpler and more enjoyable. Starting with the right flour, Giada’s fresh pasta dough recipe, and our artisan-made tools for forming, shaping, and cutting your work, you’ll have the recipe for success. Start with a simple pappardelle or other long pasta shape, and work your way up to projects like tortellini and oversized ravioli using our sunburst raviolo mold. Fresh pasta tastes so good, it can be served simply with a classic pomodoro sauce or even just butter and parmigiano reggiano, and it'll still feel like a world-class gourmet experience.

Make Giada’s fresh pasta recipe and roll the dough thin, then use this cutter to smoothly and evenly cut into long strips for pappardelle or squares for rigatoni and more using our pasta tool kit. To make ravioli, form them with our ravioli rolling pin, sunburst mold, or by hand. After sealing the pasta shut, roll this ravioli cutter smoothly between the rows of ravioli to separate them. Fresh pasta needs to boil for only a few minutes before serving.
Material: Brass