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The Top Gelato Spots In Italy: Florence and Rome

When it comes to the best gelato in Italy, Florence and Rome are neck and neck.

Summer in Italy means one thing: gelato, and lots of it. Any major Italian city has a gelateria on just about every corner, and when the temperatures soar (like they are this summer!) it's the perfect pitstop to cool off. Right on time, the Gelato Festival World Ranking has announced the very best gelato in the world for 2022. While you could pick any part of the globe, we saw two cities reigned supreme in terms of how many gelato artisans made the list: Florence and Rome.

Tap here to check out the entire list - and scroll down to find the best gelato in Florence and Rome and plan your vacation around some decadent scoops!

 best gelato in the world


Giampiero e Lorenzo Burgio at Gelateria Gippino
Gaia Mecocci at Dona Malina
Lavinia Mannucci at Gelateria Caminia  
best gelato in the world      


Francesco Mastroianni at Don Nino
Cristian Monaco at Gelateria Mamo
Rosario Nicodemo at Il Cannolo Siciliano
Vincenzo Lenci at Lenci in Darsena
Matteo Grizi at Fortini La Gelateria        


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