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This Cozy Rome Restaurant Serves Up Some Serious Eggplant Parm

In Rome, when you find a restaurant that not only makes amazing food, but has fabulous wine, and treats tourists with complete kindness - you make a note of it!

Giada already featured this fantastic spot in her end-all guide to Rome, but we figured it deserved a write-up of its own! Tavernaccia Da Bruno in Trastevere has it all. We first heard of this restaurant from Rome guru Katie Parla - and we don't take her suggestions lightly! One by one, nearly everyone on Team Giadzy had made their way to this cozy spot, and we all fell in love.

Tavernaccia is a family-owned trattoria that immediately has the most welcoming, old-school feel upon walking in. Brick and stone adorn the walls, and the wood burning oven that pumps out crispy pizzas and perfectly charred main dishes keeps the whole place warm and cozy.

Order the crispy foccacia to start, and you can embellish it by ordering tomatoes, cheese, hand-cut rustic prosciutto or a variety of other add-ons. The charming hand-written menu also boasts a fantastic natural wine list - and their carafe of house wine is absolutely lovely, too.
It's hard to go wrong with their main dishes, but there are for sure some standouts. The eggplant parm, in particular, is absolute perfection. Charred to a wood-fired crisp on the outside, bursting with fresh flavor, and oozing with cheesy goodness - it'll have you dreaming of eggplant parm for weeks afterward, and is sure to convert anyone who isn't already a lover of eggplant.

The lasagna is prepared in a similar fashion, a super savory square of layered pasta and meat with a perfectly crispy top right out of the wood-fired oven. Their handmade rustic pastas are also all fabulous, as is the Mialino Al Forno.

On top of some seriously great food, wine, and a homey environment, the service is just about as friendly as can be, no matter where you're from - something that is worth a lot when you're so far from home! 
La Tavernaccia Da Bruno
+39 06 581 2792
Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 63, 00153 Roma RM, Italy


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