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Letter from Italy: Luigi De Laurentiis' Best Pizza in Naples

10 May 2018
by Giada De Laurentiis
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Giada's cousin Luigi has found the absolute best pie in the Italian pizza mecca

When I go home to Italy, I have two things on my mind: seeing my family, and eating as much fantastic food as I can. Luckily, like all Italian families, we bond best over food, so I can accomplish both at once! To make sure I visit the most exciting new spots when I visit, I rely on my family and friends to act as my eyes and ears (and stomachs!) on the ground, reporting back on the latest restaurant news in their hometowns. They let me know whenever they've eaten something amazing, and when they get excited about a restaurant, I know it's somewhere I need to visit! Now I'm inviting you into my personal network with these updates straight from my Italian family.

My cousin Luigi says he's found the best pizza in Naples, the birthplace of pizza as we know it and still the best place in the world to indulge your pizza cravings. It was here in the 18th century that one clever pizzaiolo had the idea to put tomatoes on focaccia, transforming an ancient bread into the modern treat we know and love. Naples is also where the margherita pizza was invented, in honor of Queen Margherita, in 1889. The simple combination of perfectly ripe San Marzano tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves is the ultimate test of the pizza-maker's art, and a must-order whenever I try out a new pizza place.
Even the street vendors in Naples make absolutely incredible pies; frankly, it's hard to find a bad slice in Naples. So when Luigi wrote to me and said he'd found a restaurant that serves the best pizza he's ever had here, I knew it had to be something special. In operation for over 100 years (the current owners are the fifth generation to operate its massive pizza ovens), Michele ai Tribunali is a textbook example of the Neapolitan pizza art. They serve only two kinds of pie - Margherita and marinara - and locals line up out the door every day to get theirs. 

With a hand-stretched, perfectly blistered crust (never trust a perfectly round pizza - you want to see the human touch in the dough, says Luigi!), just the right amount of sweet-tart tomato sauce, and lots of, the margherita here is a work of art. The interior is decidedly old-school, with black-and-white portraits of generations of pizzaioli past and white marble-topped tables. Simply put, Luigi says, Michele ai Tribunali is the most authentic Neapolitan pizza experience you can have. I can't wait to try it for myself!


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