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Photo Credit: Aubrie Pick

How To Get Around In Rome: The Public Transportation Guide

18 May 2023
by Michele Becker
Photo Credit: Aubrie Pick
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Planning a trip to the eternal city and unsure of how to get around? From where to find taxis and how to use the train, this is the guide for you!

While walking is certainly the best way to travel around the historical center of the city, there are a variety of other options at your disposal. From how to travel from the airport to easily accessible day trips, we’ve got your transportation questions covered. 


How do I get to the center of Rome from Fiumicino Airport?

Fiumicino airport is located about 40 minutes away from the center of Rome. There are many different ways that you can choose to travel into the city center! Here are some options, listed from least expensive to most expensive.


$ Take the Bus

There are two bus companies that travel from Fiumicino airport to central Rome. The SIT bus costs €7 and will take you from airport terminal 3 either to Termini Station (Rome’s central train station) or near the Vatican. The Terravision bus costs €6 and travels from terminal 3 to Termini in 50 minutes. Both websites give detailed information on timetables and fares and you can either buy tickets online, ahead of time, or look for the SIT and Terravision ticket counters when you pick up your luggage.


$$ Take the Train

The Leonardo Express train travels between Fiumicino airport and Termini station every 15 minutes. For €14, you’ll reach central Rome in just 32 minutes! To look at train times and purchase tickets ahead of time, visit the Trenitalia website. You can also buy tickets from one of the train kiosks located near the baggage claim when you land in Rome. Follow airport signs for the train (treno in Italian), scan your ticket, and begin your Italian adventure!


$$$ Take a Taxi

Taxi stands are located right when you exit the airport. Simply get in line, tell the attendant how many people and luggage bags will be in the taxi, and you’ll catch one in no time! Set at a fixed price of €50, a taxi will take you straight from the airport to wherever you need to go within central Rome. This is definitely the recommended option for families or anyone that wants to spend for ease of travel.

What public transportation is available in Rome?

The Metro (Roman Subway)

The Roman Metro has two lines (line A and line B), with a third line (line C) currently under construction. If the place that you’re traveling within Rome happens to be on one of these lines, the Metro is a great option. It is easy and affordable! A 100-minute, one-way BIT ticket with unlimited transfers costs €1.50 and can be used for all forms of public transportation (subway, bus, and tram). If you are planning on utilizing public transportation a lot, you can opt for a 24, 48, or 72 hour pass, costing €7, €12.50, and €18 respectively. You can buy tickets using the kiosk at any Metro station or use your credit card to just tap&go! Read more about Metro ticket options here.

Major Sites You Can Access Via Metro:

  • Termini Central Train Station: It has it’s own stop on line A and line B! 
  • The Vatican Museums: A 5-10 minute walk from Metro stop “Cipro” on line A.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica: A 5-10 walk from Metro stop “Ottaviano” on line A.
  • The Spanish Steps: Located right outside Metro stop “Spagna” on line A.
  • The Trevi Fountain: A 10-15 minute walk from Metro stops “Spagna” or “Barberini” on line A.
  • Piazza del Popolo: A 5-minute walk from Metro stop “Flaminio” on line A.
  • The Colosseum, Roman Forum, & Palatine Hill: Located right outside Metro stop “Colosseo” on line B.

The Bus

Because the Metro only has two fully operating lines at this time, many Romans use the bus on a daily basis. But, be warned: the bus is not the most reliable option when it comes to traveling places in a timely manner! The same BIT tickets that are used for the Metro can be used for the bus, so you can purchase bus tickets ahead of time at any Metro kiosk. If you find yourself needing to take the bus, you won’t show your ticket to the bus driver when you get on, but instead validate it using one of the validation machines on the bus. Make sure that you both have a ticket and validate it or you could be charged a hefty fine! Need to take the bus last minute, but don’t have a ticket? Check out TicketAppy, an app that allows you to buy and use public transportation tickets in Rome right from your phone!


The Tram

Trying to get to the Trastevere neighborhood from the center of the city? The tram could be for you! Rome has six above ground tram lines that run through the city, but tram 8, which runs from Piazza Venezia to Trastevere, is often the most convenient one for visitors to Rome. The same 100-minute BIT tickets and validation rules as the bus apply for the tram! Check out the full tram map here.

Hours of Operation

Buses and Trams: Everyday 5:30am-12am

Metro: Sunday-Thursday 5:30am-11:30pm

Friday & Saturday 5:30am-1:30am

***For traveling between 12am-5:30am, there are a variety of night bus options.

How do I find a taxi?

For traveling further distances in the city, a taxi can be a great option! Just be aware that a car may not be able to enter certain streets in centro storico! You can find a taxi by calling a taxi company, flagging one down at a taxi stand, or by using an app.


Taxi Stand

In Rome, you’ll have the best luck getting a taxi, not by flagging one down, but by going to a taxi stand. There are taxi stands located all over the city, usually near main tourist attractions! Look for an orange sign that says “Taxi”. Here are a few convenient ones to note:

  • Near Chiesa Nuova: Via della Chiesa Nuova
  • Near Piazza Navona: Piazza delle Cinque Lune, 33
  • Near the Trevi Fountain: Piazza di S.Silvestro, 19
  • Near the Spanish Steps: Piazza di Spagna, 42
  • Trastevere Neighborhood: Piazza Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, 2
  • Near St. Peter’s Basilica: Via della Traspontina, 3 or Piazza del Risorgimento, 32/33
  • Prati Neighborhood: Piazza Cavour, 17

The FreeNow App

Want to call a taxi using an app? Download the FreeNow app! Similar to companies like Uber and Lyft, this app will allow you to order a taxi to and from a specific location, quote a price, as well as update you on the status of arrival. 


Can I take a day trip from Rome without a car?

Assolutamente! There are tons of great day trip spots from Rome that you can reach by train! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Tivoli: A wonderful town only 45 minutes away by train with three fantastic sites to see: Villa Adriana, Villa D'Este, and Villa Gregoriana. Check out our full guide here!
  • Orvieto: We adore this hilltop town in Umbria! With an incredible duomo, gorgeous views, vineyards nearby, and only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Rome, Orvieto is not to be missed.
  • Bracciano: This breathtaking medieval town is perched on Lake Bracciano and is just an hour train ride away. Wander the cobblestone streets of its centro storico, visit the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle, or walk down the hill to the idyllic lakeside beach! 
  • Ostia Antica: Most people have heard of visiting Pompeii, but have you heard of Ostia Antica? This well-preserved ancient Roman city is a true marvel to see. The best part? You can reach it by public transportation! Take the Rome-Lido suburban train line from the Piramide Station (on the Metro B line) and 30 minutes later, you’ll be at the Ostia Antica stop.
  • The beach: Want to visit the beach? Take the same Rome-Lido suburban train line that you would take to Ostia Antica, but get off at Lido-Centro to reach Ostia Beach (only 35 minutes from Rome). Willing to go a bit further? Santa Marinella Beach can be reached by train in about an hour!

For all train ticket prices and schedules, visit Trenitalia’s website and check out our tips for navigating train travel in Italy. Need more tips and tricks for your trip? Check out Giada's Guide to Rome!


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