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Family Rules at this Genovese Gem

08 August 2018
by Giada De Laurentiis

Family Rules at this Genovese Gem

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Ristorante Ippogrifo in Genoa is a must-visit for families large or small.

For more than 30 years, Ristorante Ippogrifo has been a fixture in Genoa. When it came time to get the family together for a massive reunion during my recent trip to Italy - and celebrate both Aunt Raffy and my Great-Aunt Raffy's birthdays at the same time! - I knew there was only one place for us to go. With a sleek, cobalt-accented dining room that had plenty of room for all of my relatives, plus stunning food, it was guaranteed to please the whole crowd.

Owned by two brothers, Ippogrifo specializes in Ligurian dishes, including pesto alla genovese, made with locally grown pine nuts and extra-fragrant fresh basil. The region is also known for its focaccia, delicate local olive oil, and fresh seafood. We loved the unusual pesto lasagna and risotto with sweet prawns, and of course the warm, housemade focaccia was a major hit.  

As you might expect from a family-run restaurant, the service was friendly and warm, and everyone went out of their way to make the birthday ladies feel special. And an extra bonus: their enormous wine cellar has more than 800 bottles to choose from! It was the perfect choice for our family reunion, and it's a must-visit any time I'm in Genoa.


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