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Photo Credit: Natasha Wynnyk

Make Easter More Egg-citing With This Italian Tradition

27 February 2023
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Natasha Wynnyk

Make Easter More Egg-citing With This Italian Tradition

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These giant chocolate Easter eggs are Giada's favorite way to celebrate spring.

Easter celebrations all over the world use many of the same images to symbolize life, fertility and rebirth; think bunnies, lambs, and of course eggs. In Italy, however, the humble Easter egg gets an especially glorious upgrade - by super-sizing it. 

The practice of gifting oversized chocolate eggs at Easter took off after World War II, when war-weary Italian citizens were looking for ways to once again find joy in everyday life. Chocolate, which had become a popular treat in the 19th century, was the perfect answer. An inexpensive indulgence, chocolate eggs were accessible to anyone with a few lire to spare, securing their place in the hearts of Italians across economic backgrounds. 

Pasqua Is Here!

Extravagantly wrapped in colorful foil, the enormous eggs make a festive addition to any Easter celebration. Some are decorated with colored chocolate or royal icing, some come flavored with hazelnut, and many feature a little trinket or toy inside the hollow cavity, from keychains and costume jewelry to stuffed animals. (To make sure you get a treat, look for the word sorprese - surprises - on the Italian label!) 

In Italy, local pasticcerias make their own eggs, in sizes from teeny tiny all the way up to enormous, 80-pound behemoths. They'll also let you bring in your own gifts to place inside, and a popular trend these days is to stash an engagement ring box inside the chocolate - talk about an unexpected proposal!

The tradition was always a favorite of Giada's when she was a kid, and these days, it's Jade's turn to unwrap the colorful foil and give the eggs a mighty crack. If you don't have an Italian shop in your town, don't despair! We have several varieties of chocolate Easter eggs available right here on Giadzy.


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