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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Hazelnuts So Good, They're Nationally Protected

25 March 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Meet the most precious hazelnut in the world: the IGP Piedmont hazelnut.

Let's face it, Italians take their food seriously - so seriously, in fact, that they have specific certifications to protect the highest quality of certain food products. On that list of food products? The IGP Piedmont hazelnut, or nocciola Piemonte.
IGP Piedmont hazelnut
When you come across a real hazelnut from Piedmont, you'll see it prefixed by the acronym "IGP". IGP stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta - or rather, Indication of Geographic Protection. This means that the product has to come from a specific geographic area, and the label guarantees that at least one phase of production or the primary ingredient originates in that specific place.
In the case of the IGP Piedmont hazelnut, not only are they IGP certified, their orchards are actually a UNESCO heritage site. (meaning the The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization found it so significantly beautiful or important, that it’s internationally protected.)
That's one precious hazelnut.
IGP Piedmont hazelnut
So, what is it about these hazelnuts that makes them so special? More flavorful than your average hazelnut, nocciola Piemonte have a rich, complex flavor. Picked by hand in the grove, they have a hard and compact shell, and a light toasting brings out the extraordinary flavor and aroma. They are widely recognized as the very best hazelnuts in the world.
For those with a piqued interest, rejoice! We carry a multitude of products in our online pantry containing these very hazelnuts. Scroll to shop these delicious confections straight from Italy!

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  • Author's avatar image
    Leslie Porto - Apr 26

    I’m very interested in this hazelnut oil and these products. Please provide the reasons these particular nuts are so protected. Please provide the nutritional benefits as well. Thank you.

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