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Giada Says This Side Dish is the Cornerstone of Thanksgiving

What's one side dish that Giada simply doesn't go without on Turkey Day? Cornbread!

Whether it's featured in stuffing, a salad, a muffin or a slab, this element is crucial to a De Laurentiis Thanksgiving! The key to a truly successful Thanksgiving spread is balance - you have your savory turkey, decadent gravy and potatoes, tangy cranberry sauce - and a slightly sweet, moist cornbread on the table creates that full-circle happy flavor combination on your plate. 
Additionally, as far as baking goes, it doesn't get easier than cornbread. It hardly ever fails, and it sure beats making homemade bread rolls (because who's got the time?!)
These are some of Giada's favorite recipes she has on rotation for the occasion! What's your go-to cornbread?


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