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Pomodorini's Sweeter Cousin: Datterini Tomatoes

26 May 2022
by Giadzy

Pomodorini's Sweeter Cousin: Datterini Tomatoes

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On first bite, it's hard to believe just how sweet Datterini Tomatoes really are - without any added sugar.

With long sunny days in summer and warm coastal weather, southern Italy is the haven of tomato-growing. A combination of weather, rich volcanic land, and perhaps something in the air produces the best tomatoes in the world. It's why San Marzano tomatoes are so acclaimed and beloved, and why we adore our Corbara Pomodorini. However, there is a little gem of a tomato grown in the same region that we think deserves all the recognition: the Datterino Tomato.

The plural form of the word is “Datterini," which translates to “little dates” in Italian. This name not only references the small size of these tomatoes, but the sweetness as well. With flavor so rich and sweet, once you taste it right out of the can, it's almost hard to believe you're not picking a sun-ripened tomato right off the vine. The name may as well translate to "nature's candy," because that's what it really tastes like.

Whereas our beloved Pomodorini boast a clean, bright tomato flavor, the Datterini tomatoes take the cake when it comes to sweetness.

The beauty of Datterini tomatoes is that they have such an up-front rich tomato flavor, you hardly need to cook them to enjoy them. In fact, you don't even need to. Throw them into a salad, a super quick pasta sauce, or on pizza for a burst of southern Italian sunshine in every bite. 

This is the secret to enjoying that sought-after flavor of summer tomatoes even in the depths of winter - enjoy the height of tomato season all year 'round thanks to this mighty little tomato!


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