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Get Your Halloween Treats Looking Spooky With These Fun Garnishes

24 October 2018
by Giada De Laurentiis
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No need to create brand new recipes for the season; garnish your tried-and-true keepers with these wicked toppers!

While shooting a new show on Food Network, Kimberly Bailey of The Butter End gave Giada and Jade a lesson on giving brownies the full-blown Halloween treatment - and all you need is some choco pan or fondant and striped chocolate decoration sticks (AKA, a quick trip to Michael's!) Grab the kids and get started on these fun toppers together.

Whip up your favorite brownie or blondie recipe (we always go with Giada's Salted Dark Chocolate Chunk Brownies) and get cracking on these easy garnishes! 
For the green witch hands, simply form a "mitt" shape out of the choco pan. Using the edge of an offset spatula or a dull knife, cut the mitt into fingers and shape them with your hands. Use the edge of the knife again to indent knuckles and finger lines. To give them that creepy curvature, let them dry over a dowel or rolling pin.

For the witch's hats and brooms, simply create each shape and stick them together with a bit of water as glue. The beauty of it is that the less-perfect it all looks, the scarier it is… so no pressure!
To make the feet, use striped chocolate decoration sticks. You can buy these at any cake decoration store or on amazon. These will be the witch's tights, and you can form black boots around them.

Frost the brownies with your favorite icing, and go to town with your new DIY garnishes!


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