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Cook Like a Pro - Tips Straight From Restaurant Kitchens!

19 October 2018
by Giadzy
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Channel your inner chef by using these cooking tips straight out of professional kitchens!

1. Embrace mise en place! Reduce stress and mess while cooking by prepping out all of your ingredients before cooking (also how TV chefs make it look so easy - everything is pre-measured!)

2. If you can re-use a dish, do. In bakeries, if a chef is making sugar cookies in the mixer and then chocolate chip cookies next, why waste the time and energy cleaning the bowl? Apply this reasoning to your at-home cooking and reuse measuring cups and bowls whenever possible before throwing them in the sink and making extra work for yourself!
3. Crank up the tunes! The secret to making massive prepwork more fun in restaurants - music! You'll undeniably be less stressed and having a better time overall with your favorite jams playing in the background.

4. Make the kitchen tools work for you. The name of the game in restaraunts is getting things done fast and efficiently, which can lead to some creative solutions. If a recipe calls for tons of minced garlic, let the food processor do it for you. If you need to chop a lot of rosemary, throw the leaves into the coffee grinder! Think outside the box and work smart, not hard.
5.  Grab the water! Potatoes oxidize and get brown fast, so have a bowl of water at the ready to place them in as soon as you peel or cut them unless they're being cooked right away. 

6. Taste, taste, taste! Never stop tasting your food while you cook! You'll become a better and more intuitive cook the more you taste and add what you think your food needs.
7. Bring the waste bin to you! In restaurants, we don't have the time to throw everything on our countertops away in the trash - so we create a middleman by tossing food waste in a countertop hotel pan before throwing it in the trash. You can grab any tupperware or bowl to use for this purpose, or if you don't want to dirty an extra dish, you can pull your waste bin from it's cabinet and set it beside you for easy throwing away.


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