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Dried Italian Lavender Sprigs

The next best thing to walking across the Sicilian hills is taking a deep inhale of these dried lavender branches, which grow wild across the island.

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The gorgeous scent of this dried lavender from Filippone will transport you to the sun-soaked hills of Sicily at first breath. Lavender’s aromatherapeutic powers are well-known, and its deeply calming scent can help with sleeplessness and anxiety. It’s also an elegant flavor that adds a touch of refinement to sweets and drinks. This lavender is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting.

In ancient times, Romans would place bouquets of dried lavender in their thermal baths to soothe muscles and relax (not a bad idea!). They also used highly scented lavender oil to make perfume and facial treatments. These lavender branches are picked by hand and hung to dry in the old-fashioned way to retain more of its potent perfume.

The second-generation farmers of the Filippone family grow their herbs in the unspoiled majesty of Madonie regional park, near the northern coast of the island of Sicily. Covering more than 60 square miles of mountainous terrain between Palermo and Cefalù, the park is a haven for birds, rare butterflies, and wild orchids. The high altitude and pristine soil and water combine to make the most flavorful herbs we’ve ever tried. Filippone’s products are all organically grown and harvested with minimal impact to protect the natural beauty of the park and preserve it for future generations.
This ultra-fragrant lavender can be used for both therapeutic and culinary purposes. Simmer it in a sugar syrup to add to black tea, cocktails, or just sparkling water for an elegant drink. Or, steep the flowers in boiling water for a DIY herbal tea that’s perfect for bedtime, especially if you add chamomile or peppermint. Lavender can be used directly in baked goods like shortbreads and rustic cakes, or steeped in milk to add flavor to panna cotta or gelato.
.88 oz