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The First Thing Giada Eats in Rome

The first thing Giada eats when she lands in Rome? Pizza Bianca!

Pizza bianca with mortadella has had a place in my heart since I was kid. I used to eat it for lunch in Italy almost daily, and the tradition still stands when I touch down in Rome to visit my mother. She usually has a warm slice waiting for me, and it's like that Ratatouille moment each time I take that first bite - I feel transported to being a kid again.
It's no accident this pizza landed on my menus at Giada Vegas and GDL Italian, too. It's quintessential Rome, and though it's a dish not everyone understands as first, it only takes a few bites to become a believer. Whenever the craving strikes when I'm at home in LA, I head to Bay Cities for the best mortadella around, and whip it up for Jade and I-- like her mom, she loves it too!

Jade & I making pizza bianca in 2014 - how time flies!
Where to get it in Rome:
Via Dei Giubbonari 21-22, 00186 Rome, Italy
39 066875287


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