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Don't Believe the Rumors

Not everything you read can be trusted - especially when it comes to Giada's next move.

In some shady corners of the internet, there's a rumor going around about me lately. Now, I'm no stranger to rumors, and one of the things I've learned is there's really no point to being coy about them-- it's a lot easier to just be open and honest
This latest rumor is that I'm leaving the Food Network to start my own beauty company. While I definitely have a few beauty secrets to divulge (like my daily beauty routine or DIY exfoliating scrub), I'm perfectly happy giving them away for free here! And I'm definitely not ready to leave my friends at the Food Network. In fact, we just finished shooting the latest seasons of Giada's Holiday Handbook and Giada Entertains, and we've got another new show in the works airing next summer (more details on that soon!).
So don't believe everything you read out there - and if I ever do have any big news to announce, I promise you'll hear it from me first!


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