Rum Chocolate Torrone

D. Barbero
The crunchy and chewy torrone gets a grown-up makeover in this bar covered in zingy rum cream and rich dark chocolate.

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For a more adult take on the beloved Italian sweet known as torrone, this torrone bar with rum and chocolate from D. Barbero is the answer. The classic crunchy and chewy nougat is studded with roasted hazelnuts and coated in a sweet rum cream with sultana raisins, then enrobed in a rich layer of dark chocolate. It’s a delicious innovation from the traditional candymakers at D. Barbero, who have been a sweet staple in the region outside Turin for 140 years.

A traditional Italian candy that’s commonly enjoyed around Christmastime (although it’s delicious year-round!), torrone was likely first enjoyed by the ancient Romans. The creamy nougat made with nuts, honey, and egg whites can be found in different variations around the country—chewy or crunchy, studded with dried fruit and nuts of all kinds. D. Barbero’s version is crumbly and decadent, cooked in small batches and kneaded by master candymakers until the texture is just right.

‌ For seven generations, the Barbero family have been making delicious sweets in Asti, just east of Turin. Part of the Piedmont’s proud chocolate-making tradition, D. Barbero has been selling high-quality torrone and chocolates since 1883. They use local nocciole Piemontese—the ultra-flavorful hazelnuts that only grow in Piedmont—and chocolate sourced from the finest cacao-growing regions of the world to ensure the highest quality in everything they make. Barbero is so dedicated to tradition, their headquarters in Asti are home to a chocolate museum! Their Easter goodies are beloved by local children, who line the courtyard outside their shop and factory to admire the colorfully wrapped and decorated treats.

Crumbly and sweet, packed with the flavors of rich nougat, dark chocolate, and a zingy rum cream, this chocolate bar is a delicious break from the routine. Cocktail lovers will adore this innovative take on the classic torrone.
Size: 9.5 oz
Extra dark chocolate 59% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, anhydrous butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavoring. Min. cocoa content 50.2%), Barbero nougat 15% (Piedmont hazelnut 45%, honey, sugar, glucose syrup, egg white, natural vanilla from Madagascar, corn starch), sultana raisins, honey, rum 5% May contain traces of other nuts (almond, pistachio)