Tutto Calabria Condi Spaghettata Spice Kit, 2.11 oz

Tutto Calabria


Get dinner done pronto with this fiery blend of dried chili peppers, tomato, parsley and garlic.  Harvested and dried in sun-baked Calabria, the southwestern region of Italy, these peppers will liven up any pasta. Simply put, “condi spaghettata” translates to “with spaghetti” – which is the perfect way to enjoy this zingy, hot spice blend. Simply heat up some olive oil in a pan and cook the spices until fragrant, serve it up condi your spaghettata


– 2.11 oz



Ingredients: Chili, parsley, garlic, salt, tomato


Flavor: Spicy, bright, earthy and full of bold flavor.


Uses: Follow package instructions for turning plain pasta into something full of flavor. 

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