Corbara Pomodorini, 14.1oz

i Sapori di Corbara
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These whole pomodorini (literally, tiny tomatoes) are bite-sized, bell-shaped cherry tomatoes grown around Corbara, a mountainside town in southern Italy. Even more highly prized than the famous San Marzano, these tomatoes are only grown in the region of Campania, and canned quickly and packed in tomato puree to capture their fresh, vibrant flavor. Sweeter than any other variety you’ll ever try, these adorable gems shine in a super-simple tomato sauce simmered with some salty, umami-packed parmesan rinds to balance out their intense natural sugars.




Ingredients: Corbarino tomatoes, Corbarino tomato juice


Flavor: Bright, sweet, low acidity


Uses: In pomodoro and tomato sauces. Because of the sweet and delicious flavor, you don’t need to cook these tomatoes for very long like you might with other canned tomatoes – throw them into a pasta with fresh herbs and simmer for just a few minutes.


Refrigerate after opening

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