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Introducing Giadzy Pasta Line
Introducing the Giadzy Pasta Line

Exceptional Ingredients

Giadzy Pasta is crafted in the Italian region of Abruzzo, a verdant gem on the country’s east coast. Abruzzo has the highest concentration of national parkland in Europe, including the graceful peaks of the Majella mountains, home to golden eagles and stunning wildflowers. To make Giadzy Pasta, pure spring water from the Majella range is combined with semolina wheat flour that’s organically grown and ground at the base of the mountains. The wheat can be traced from field to factory and is farmed with reverence and care for the local land. Unlike industrially processed grains, our raw semolina has a sweet aroma of pure wheat.

Traditional Technique

Giadzy Pasta is cut on 100-year old bronze dies, an ancestral technology that impresses the raw dough with a rough, rustic texture. When cooked, the microscopically uneven surface encourages sauce to cling to the pasta rather than sliding off, making every bite exceptionally flavorful. After it’s shaped, the pasta is lovingly air-dried in a cool environment for up to 36 hours. While industrial pastas are flash-dried at high temperatures that essentially bake the dough, creating a mushy, uneven product, Giadzy Pasta is allowed to dehydrate naturally. Through this process, the pasta’s structural integrity is respected and the dried pasta remains dense, able to achieve the coveted al dente bite when cooked.

Nodi Marini

a short, curling shape with asymmetrical curves

Bucatini Lunghi Pasta

Bucatini Lunghi (22")

an extra-long noodle with a hollow center


a ridged square


an extra-wide, flat ribbon


an Abruzzese spaghetti with squared edges


a wide, short tube originally from Naples

Manfredi Lunghi (22")

an extra-long narrow ribbon with gracefully ruffled edges


a thick, long noodle with a hollow center