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We're Loving These New Melamine Plates Giada Posted On Instagram

As soon as Giada posted a video unboxing these new Melamine plates, her inbox was flooded with viewers wondering where to get them - and we've got the scoop!

We've been longtime fans of melamine dinnerware - the strong, barely-breakable and incredibly durable material is perfect for dining al fresco, on boats, with kids, and more. They've quickly become a staple in our cupboards for a vast multitude of occasions (even just casual weeknight dinners!)
Of course, it doesn't just end at function. Melamine can perfectly bridge the gap between practical and stylish with all of the contemporary and cool dinnerware stores have to offer.
thomas paul metamorphosis melamine plates
The new favorites on our radar? These Thomas Paul Metamorphosis Melamine plates (both salad and dinner sized!) with a big, bold, botanical-inspired butterfly prints on each one that Giada posted on her Instagram stories last week. "They're kind of like Gucci, but not!" says Giada - and at just $10 to $12 per plate, that's a pretty great steal for Gucci-but-not. Check our her unboxing video below!

The easiest way to dress up any dining table is with your dinnerware, and these striking plates are sure to enliven even the most simple of tablescapes. Tap the links below to grab a set today!

Tap here for the salad plates!

Tap here for the dinner plates!


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