Taste Of Italian Summer

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Coastal food in Italy is a reflection of the country's rich culinary traditions and its deep connection to the Mediterranean. Along the picturesque coastlines of regions like Campania, Sicily, and Liguria, one can savor a diverse array of seafood dishes that epitomize freshness and flavor. As a country surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that Italy loves its seafood. From the high-quality canned tonno (tuna) needed to make Piedmontese vitello tonnato to fresh-from-the-water favorites like fritto misto on the Amalfi coast, nearly every region of Italy has at least one beloved seafood dish.

Anchovies have been an Italian staple since the Roman empire, when a sauce made from the salted fish called garum (similar to Southeast Asian fish sauce) was a prized flavoring agent. Today, its modern cousin colatura di alici is still beloved around the coastal town of Cetara, where it is made. Colatura is a brilliant secret ingredient that adds a big punch of briny, rich flavor, just as sautéeing a few anchovy filets with garlic as a base for your tomato sauce lends a mysterious bass note that makes the whole dish sing.

Open a bottle of the fragrant lemon olive oil from Gargiulo and be transported to the sun-drenched citrus groves of the Amalfi coast. Made with IGP-certified Sorrento lemons and local olives, this oil is bright and aromatic. Sorrento lemons are so fragrant, they're the signature of the Amalfi coast, where they've grown for more than 1,000 years. In fact, it was these lemons that inspired Giada's famous lemon spaghetti! With less bitter pith than the lemons you know, and a thick peel that's packed with fragrant oil, they're so sweet that true lemon-lovers eat them whole, just like oranges. Now, that unforgettable lemon essence is captured in a finishing oil that’s perfect for drizzling over anything that needs a touch of Italian sunshine.

Luckily for us, these most special Italian delicacies can be shipped straight to your door without losing any of that authentic flavor. From Italy’s coastline to your table, we’ve hand-picked the best coastal Italian products for you.