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Make Soup in a Snap with Giada's Easy Meal Prep Idea

08 March 2021
by Giadzy
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Giada just cracked the code for the easiest healthy meal prep idea - soup!

We all know it, we all try to find time for it - meal prepping is the best way to set yourself up for healthy-eating success. Coming up with a food idea you know you'll still want to eat mid-week is half the battle, too - you don't want to be struggling through a lunch on Wednesday that sounded like a good idea on Sunday! 
Luckily, we found some serious inspo from Giada for a solution that's not only easy, but can be customized throughout the week.
It's a funny thing - when we talk to Giada, sometimes she will casually drop culinary knowledge or tips that absolutely blow our minds - and it's often something that she didn't even realize was that cool (half our article ideas come about that way!). This particular concept was no different. She showed us her Tupperware and deli cups full of homemade broth, shredded chicken (that happened to be cooked in that same broth - two for one!) and an array of greens, fennel, carrots and more.
The idea behind this healthy meal prep idea is that you can create a variety of soups in a pinch. Throw some broth in a saucepan, add your preferred veggies, let it simmer away for a few minutes, then add your protein and greens until warmed up. 
(You can also definitely use store-bought broth and shred up a rotisserie chicken from the store. Make it easy on yourself!)
Other ideas to bulk up your soups and keep them interesting? Drop in frozen veggie wontons and dumplings until warmed through. Whisk in a raw egg for a straciatella or egg-drop-style soup - or even nestle a soft-boiled egg into it for a Ramen-inspired situation! Add fresh herbs, cannellini beans, grains or pasta... the options are really endless, and the best part is that so many of those ingredients are straight from the freezer or pantry. It's a meal-prep concept you can really turn to whenever, and doesn't really require a ton of actual prep on the front end.
While we love this tip for healthy eating, it's merely scratching the surface: Giada has pages and pages dedicated to her favorite meal-prep ideas in her newest upcoming cookbook, Eat Better, Feel Better. You can pre-order today by tapping here or the banner below!


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