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Let's take a grand tour of our favorite pasta shapes; after all, there's a shape for every occasion, every sauce, and everyone - and you'll find them all in this box! Made by a third-generation family in Torre Annunziata, who have been making pasta the same way for more than 80 years, these time-honored traditions and simple but exceptional ingredients are what makes these kinds of pasta so delicious and a staple in Giada’s kitchen.

This kit is wrapped in our beautiful Giadzy boxes, making the perfect gift for the pasta lover in your life.
This kit includes:
Manfredi Lunghi: There's nothing more elegant than the long, ruffled edges of Manfredi Lunghi, a fanciful pasta that’s sometimes also called mafaldine or reginette. While the shape was a longtime favorite in Campania, some local pasta makers renamed their Manfredi to celebrate the birth of Princess Mafalda of Savoy (reginette means “little queens”) in 1902. It was an apt choice: As a child, the little princess was often seen wearing lacy frills that echoed the pretty pleats on this versatile variety.

Cappelletti: Depending on who you ask, Cappelletti ("little hats") is either modeled on the shape of either a military trooper's cap or the headwear of a medieval Catholic cardinal. They were first crafted in Emilia-Romagna, where the same name is sometimes given to a stuffed pasta similar to tortellini.

Paccheri: A favorite in Campania, Paccheri is pasta with a colorful past. Its name comes from the Neapolitan word for "slap," for the noise that happens when the cooked pasta is mixed with sauce, but that’s only the second most interesting thing: This may be the only pasta ever to have been involved in an international smuggling conspiracy!

Size: 3 items