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Tour De Pasta Box


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Let's take a grand tour of our favorite pasta shapes; after all, there's a shape for every occasion, every sauce, and everyone - and you'll find them all in this box!

This kit is wrapped in our beautiful Giadzy boxes, making the perfect gift for the pasta lover in your life.
This kit includes:
Bucatini Lunghi: Rules are meant to be broken, and so is this extra-long bucatini lunghi from Setaro. When we say extra-long, we mean it: This pasta measures 22 inches in length! It’s an old-fashioned style that only a few pasta makers keep alive today. Before machines made it simple to cut pasta to consistent sizes, pasta would be hung to dry at whatever length the dough created. They were sold with the intention that home cooks would break them up to suit their needs; in Naples, the cracking sound of pasta being broken for Sunday dinner would echo through the streets.

Cappelletti: Depending on who you ask, Cappelletti ("little hats") is either modeled on the shape of either a military trooper's cap or the headwear of a medieval Catholic cardinal. They were first crafted in Emilia-Romagna, where the same name is sometimes given to a stuffed pasta similar to tortellini.

Rigatoni: Elevate your everyday pasta with this organic rigatoni from Zaccagni, master pasta makers in Abruzzo. The rigatoni’s medium-length tubes are slightly ridged to attract sauce, and are robust and flavorful thanks to the organic semolina flour they use. It’s a versatile shape that will find a home in all of your favorite pasta dishes.

Size: 3 items