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Chocolate Torrone Bar

Alberti Strega

Size | 5.8 oz

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Chocolate lovers will be delighted by this chocolate torrone from Strega Alberti, one of Italy’s most iconic candymakers. It’s produced in Benevento in Campania, where torrone is a local specialty. The fifth-generation Alberti family has been producing theirs for over a century, using top-quality Italian ingredients in a process that marries ancient traditions with up-to-the-minute innovation.

A traditional Italian sweet that’s commonly enjoyed around Christmastime (although it’s delicious year-round!), torrone was likely first enjoyed by the ancient Romans. The creamy nougat made with nuts, honey, and egg whites can be found in different variations around the country—chewy or crunchy, studded with dried fruit and nuts of all kinds. Alberti’s version is soft and melting, flavored with cocoa, milllefiori wildflower honey, and just a hint of herbal Strega liqueur. It’s studded with hazelnuts from Campania and coated in rich dark chocolate.

Alberti began in 1860 in Benevento, just northeast of Naples, making Strega liqueur, a bitter digestivo flavored with 70 different herbs and spices. The founder, Giuseppe Alberti, a savvy businessman, built his company next to the city’s train station to make it easier to export his product around Italy. He soon branched out into candymaking, and today, the fifth-generation members of the Alberti family are carrying on his legacy in that same historic building. The secret of Alberti lies in its ability to combine traditional products with technological progress. They’ve been the forefront of art and design for more than a century, and the iconic, extravagant Strega logo is instantly recognizable around the world.
This torrone is soft and melting, perfumed with fragrant honey, toasty hazelnuts and rich cocoa and coated in dark chocolate. Serve after dinner with a bitter-but-sweet digestive liqueur (like Strega!) for a classically Italian finish to the meal. This bar can be broken into 7 pieces.
5.8 oz