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Soft Pistachio Almond Cookies


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Two iconic Sicilian delicacies come together in these soft pistachio cookies with almond paste from Tumminello. Both are beloved for their use in local Sicilian sweets and baked goods, and every Italian knows the most flavorful almonds and pistachios come from this volcanic island in the southern Mediterranean. These ricci (curls) are elegant swirled cookies that are verdant with both ground pistachios and whole nuts for a lively crunch. Almond paste lends a roasted undertone, and the soft, crumbly cookies are bound simply by egg whites from pasture-raised hens and a hint of local wildflower honey.

Almond and pistachio trees were brought to Sicily by travelers from the Middle East, and their presence is just one of the reminders of the Arab influence on the island that makes Sicilian culture unique. Today, Sicily is home to a wide range of almond varieties, each prized for their unique characteristics and flavor profile. Less varied but no less adored, Sicilian pistachios are exceptionally sweet and bright green, valued for the flavor and color they bring to sweets of all kinds.

A proudly Sicilian company, Tumminello uses ingredients sourced from their island home, from chocolate to dairy, olive oil, nuts, and citrus, to ensure the highest quality. It all started in 1977 in the medieval town of Castelbuono in the heart of Madonie regional park, a mountain haven for birds, rare butterflies, and wild orchids. There, sisters Arcangela and Rosa began baking biscuits and breads with the help of their husbands, and over the decades they have been driven by their passion for baked goods to make “the best biscuits in the world.” Today, the family-run company employs modern tools and techniques in their artisan factory, carefully calibrated to respect and preserve the traditional flavors and recipes of their Sicilian home.

Soft and crumbly with sweet pistachios and fragrant roasted almonds, these cookies are a decadent treat to be savored at any time of day.
Size: 0.48 lbs
Sugar, Sicilian ground pistachio 25%, Sicilian ground almonds 25%, egg white, multi-flower honey, Pistachio cream 2%, sweetener: sorbitol, preservative: potassium sorbate.

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