San Marzano Tomato D.O.P. Whole Hand-Peeled in Tomato Juice

I Sapori Di Corbara
These are the real deal, genuine DOP-certified San Marzano tomatoes picked at the height of ripeness, hand-peeled, and packed in their own juice for maximum flavor.

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There's a reason the name San Marzano is world-famous, and these canned tomatoes from i Sapori di Corbara are the proof. Grown in Agro Sarnese-Nocerino near the base of Mount Vesuvius, at the heart of the only region that can claim true San Marzano status, these plump tomatoes are hand-peeled and packed whole in tomato juice, ready to make your homemade tomato sauce world-famous, too.

The San Marzano is so well-known, it's inspired a slew of imitators—it’s common to see labels in the grocery store claiming American-grown tomatoes are “San Marzano style.” But savvy shoppers know to look for the DOP certification that guarantees they're getting the real deal straight from the volcanic soil of southern Italy. While these tomatoes are definitely are a step up in price, the difference in flavor is unmistakable.

On the slopes of Monti Lattari in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, i Sapori di Corbara produces the most intensely flavorful tomatoes from unique varieties that can’t be grown anywhere else. They work directly with small local farmers to find the best quality tomatoes grown the old-fashioned way, supported by wooden stakes on terraced hillsides, watered only by the rain. As they bask in the dry heat of the southern sun, the sugars in the fruit become super concentrated. The result is intensely flavorful tomatoes which are processed at low temperatures to preserve their freshness and nutritional properties. As their name (“the flavors of Corbara”) indicates, i Sapori di Corbara is dedicated to sharing the natural bounty of their homeland, with a passion for the tomato in all its forms.
With a perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, and rich umami, these San Marzano tomatoes are the perfect encapsulation of what a tomato should be. Use them anywhere canned tomatoes are called for, especially in simple sauces where their well-balanced essence can shine. Don’t forget to use the flavorful tomato juice that they are packed in, too!
2.2 oz