Rosé Vinegar

Galateo & Friends
It’s rosé season all year long with this light and fruity vinegar made from Ligurian wine that’s naturally fermented in oak barrels.

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Summer never has to end when you have this rosé vinegar from Galateo & Friends. Like the wine from which it’s made, this vinegar is light, refreshingly fruity, and irresistibly tart. If you’ve ever wished rosé season could last all year long, this is the vinegar for you.

To make this alluring elixir, rosé wine from the rocky hillsides of Liguria is fermented naturally, using a vinegar culture to convert the wine’s sugars into acid. Once it’s good and sour, it’s transferred to oak barrels and left to age for three months, just enough time to allow some of the wood’s flavor to permeate while keeping the fresh, fruity character of the wine intact. Aging in oak barrels lends notes of vanilla and spice and allows the liquid to concentrate as the water content slowly evaporates through the wooden walls.

Based in Liguria, Italy's stylish northwestern region, sometimes known as the Italian Riviera, Galateo & Friends was started by Marco Bonaldo, a food expert with more than 30 years of experience creating incredible olive oils and vinegar. After building partnerships with some of the most stylish brands in the world, including Armani and Versace, he decided to create his own line of products that combines style and substance. Galateo & Friends (galateo is Italian for etiquette) is a brand dedicated to the art of living, going beyond the best to bring the natural goodness of Liguria’s oils and vinegar to your table in a decidedly beautiful package.

With a light, fruity character and ripe, tart acidity, this rosé vinegar is a perfect match for fresh summer salads and fish. Use it to make a fresh mignonette for raw oysters or a marinade for chicken. For a delicious dessert, use this to make Aunt Raffy’s strawberries in vinegar, tossing sliced ripe strawberries with vinegar and sugar to create a lusciously sweet-and-sour syrup.
Size: 8.45 fl oz
Wine vinegar (wine, water). Antioxidant: sulfur dioxide. Contains sulfites

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