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Bagna Cauda

Prunotto Mariangela

Size | 4.5 oz

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Garlic lovers, look no further than this bagna cauda from Prunotto Mariangela! A centuries-old dish from the wine country of the Piedmont region, home of barolo, bagna cauda (“hot sauce” in the local dialect) is an autumn tradition that's equal parts fondue party and harvest celebration.

At the end of the grape-growing season, pickers would warm themselves by dipping raw veggies into this intensely aromatic blend of olive oil, locally grown garlic—lots of it—and anchovies, heated till bubbling in special earthenware pots set over a candle or small flame. Once considered peasant food, bagna cauda is now recognized as one of the great specialties of this gorgeous region, making great use of the garlic that grows in abundance across the Piedmontese hills. This ready-to-serve blend made according to a Mariangela family recipe makes it simple to host your own bagna cauda party, or use it as a sauce for roasted meats, vegetables, and bread.

For decades, Azienda Agricola Prunotto Mariangela has been growing and preserving their organic fruits and vegetables in Alba in the heart of the Piedmont region. In the northwest of Italy, Piedmont shares a border with France and Switzerland. It’s a region that is reknowned for its agricultural bounty, home to decadent specialties including white truffles, barolo, and arborio rice. In keeping with their dedication to their home, the Prunotto Mariangela farm is completely self-powered by solar panels that reduce their carbon emissions and keep the land pristine.
Bagna cauda is packed with the bold flavors of fresh garlic and umami-rich, salty anchovies, smoothed out with silky Italian olive oil. Heat this prepared blend with 1/3 cup additional olive oil to make a traditional dip for raw or lightly cooked vegetables. It also makes an incredible dip or spread for toasted bread, or use it as a sauce for red meat or lamb.
Size: 4.5 oz
Garlic, olive oil, anchovies