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Pitted Leccino Black Olives in Olive Oil


Size | 7.1 fl oz

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Agnoni is an Italian company focusing on tradition and preserving the flavors of the past, and their products reflect their dedication. These Pitted Leccino Olives, for example, are a classic of Italian cuisine. Fully ripe olives have a sweet, fresh, fruity, and fragrant taste. They make an amazing aperitivo (or, as Americans say, appetizer), or you can use it to prepare other dishes.

Olives used in Agnoni's products are 100% hand-picked, a practice that ensures that they do not fall off. Placed in baskets full of water and salt for the appropriate time depending on the variety, the process of keeping the fresh taste starts right there! All harvested olives go into a cycle of being washed, put into jars, and then pasteurized.

In the 1960s, newlyweds Neno and Nena Agnoni bought a farm in the hills outside Cori in Lazio, the central Italian region home to Rome. Today, the family-owned company is still guided by its values: respect for the land and its rhythms, simple, all-natural products, and traditional flavors. Agnoni specializes in preserved vegetables and jams made according to decades-old family recipes, especially the artichokes that are a specialty of their home region.

Often eaten directly from the packaging as aperitivo, but also used to prepare any type of recipe that calls for olives.
Size: 7.1 fl oz
Olives 65%, sunflower seed oil, salt