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Organic Lemon Balm Mint Honey Candy

Le Querce

Size | 2.1 oz

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Enriched with precious benefits of bee hive products, Deliziami is irresistible honey, lemon balm, and mint organic candies: to indulge the palate and enjoy a pure sweet moment.

In addition to being sweetly delicious, honey is a nutritional powerhouse. With potent antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory qualities, it has been used for millennia to treat everything from eye disorders to eczema. In Ancient Rome, honey was the first food of the gods, and beekeeping was a most respected profession. Today, passionate bee experts like the folks at Le Querce are keeping that long tradition alive, using old-fashioned, nature-first methods to collect and process the sweet elixir.

In 1998, Giuseppe Perino turned his love of beekeeping into a conscientious business. Based in the northwestern Piedmont region, the family-run Le Querce now specializes in all things bee-related, from honey to pollen, royal jelly, and incredible sweets made from honey. They run the company according to practices that reflect their love and respect for nature: nomadic beekeeping, organic production methods, and honoring and protecting the biodiversity of their home. They work with like-minded farmers around Italy to source honey that showcases the incredible breadth of flavors of the Italian countryside.

Size: 2.1 oz
sugar*, glucose syrup*, honey* 10%, mint natural flavour 0.2%, lemon balm* essential oil 0.1% covering agent: arabic gum* - *Organically grown / Colouring free / GLUTEN FREE

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