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Truffles, known as "tartufi" in Italian, are one of the most elusive and beloved foods in global cuisine, and the north of Italy just so happens to produce some of the world's best. Take a tour of the black summer truffle and white Alba truffle in a myriad of delicious ways with these products from Tartuflanghe, who have revolutionized Italian truffle products. Season vegetables and meat with the deeply flavorful black truffle salt, drizzle white truffle oil on pizza and make a quick and decadent pasta sauce with truffle Parmigiano cream. Tap the products below to read more about them and get your tartufo on.
This box contains:

Guerande Salt with Black Truffle: France meets Italy in this exceptional summer truffle salt from Tartuflanghe. Grey salt from Guérande, a medieval town in France, is hand-harvested from sea marshes using wooden tools, preserving its high mineral content and briny flavor. It combines dried summer truffles from Piedmont to make this savory, flavorful seasoning salt.

Organic White Truffle Olive Oil: Pour on the luxury with this white truffle olive oil from the truffle experts at Tartuflanghe. It’s made from the ultra-rare white truffles that only grow in the northwestern Piedmont region, also known as the Alba or Piedmont truffle. They are harvested in the late fall months and can only be foraged, never cultivated, making their discovery a natural miracle. These precious nuggets are combined with certified organic extra-virgin olive oil to make this fragrant, flavorful finishing oil.

Truffle Parmigiano Reggiano Cream: Two Italian culinary powerhouses come together to make this truffle parmigiano reggiano cream from the truffle experts at Tartuflanghe. DOP-certified parmigiano reggiano brings a salty, savory high note to the party, while summer truffles from the hillsides of the Piedmont region add an earthy bassline. Combined with fresh milk and butter, they make a surprisingly versatile and luxuriously umami-rich sauce. With a jar of this cream sauce in the pantry, you’ll never be far from a decadent, dinner party-worthy meal.

Summer Truffle Slices In Olive Oil: Bring a little Italian luxury home with these summer truffle slices from Tartuflanghe. Foraged in the hazy summer months in the forests of the northwestern Piedmont region, these delicate nuggets are among the most valuable foods in the world. Their inimitable flavor is earthy and robust —just a little truffle adds a deep umami note to any dish. Immediately after harvesting, these truffles are sliced and preserved in olive oil, a process known as sottolio so that they can be enjoyed year-round.

White Truffle Acacia Honey: Add a note of sweet luxury to your next cheese board with this white truffle acacia honey from the truffle experts at Tartuflanghe. The ultra-rare white truffle, which only grows in the northwestern Piedmont region of Italy, is prized among food lovers worldwide for its deeply pungent, earthy flavor. Preserved in thin slices in delicately floral acacia honey, it adds a rich umami note that plays against the honey’s natural sweetness. While it was designed especially to pair with cheese, you’ll find a million uses for this unusual condiment.

Truffle Tagliolini Pasta: A simply decadent dinner is just minutes away with this truffle tagliolini from Tartuflanghe. A true pioneer in the art of the truffle, the chef-turned-owner of Tartuflanghe was the first to sell truffle-infused pasta back in 1990. It was an instant sensation, and for a good reason! Pasta with shaved truffles is a traditional delicacy during the truffle harvest in Italy, but what about the rest of the year? Rich with local eggs and packed with flecks of summer truffle, this dried pasta makes that beloved dish possible year-round, no matter where you are.

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