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Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner for friends or a reunion-worthy family gathering, there's nothing simpler (or more crowd-pleasing!) than baked pasta. The ease of assembling in advance, then setting and forgetting it in the oven as it reaches bubbly golden perfection while guests arrive, is unparalleled. And when it comes to crowd-pleasing baked pasta, it doesn't get more delicious than lasagna!

This all-in-one meal kit has all the components for the perfect lasagna - even the recipe!

This kit contains:

Recipe card

Lasagne Sheets Pasta: Unlike the kind you see in stores here, Italian lasagne has a straight, rather than frilled, edge. The delicately thin sheets stack neatly, allowing sky-high layers that are easy to slice and serve.

Dried Oregano: No Italian pantry is complete without a steady supply of oregano, and this dried oregano from Filippone is a beautiful way to stock up. This organic oregano is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting.

Organic Tomato Sauce with Basil:  It starts with ripe tomatoes from Puglia, the “heel” of Italy’s boot, where the southern heat (the region gets, on average, 2,500 hours of sun a year!) is tempered by cool breezes from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. The tomatoes’ natural sugars are concentrated by those long hours in the sun, giving them a well-balanced flavor profile that sings with ripe sweetness and umami goodness. They’re pureed fresh into a silky-smooth passata, then cooked quickly with sweet sauteed onion, olive oil, and fresh Genovese basil. The result is a classically uncomplicated, deeply flavorful sauce that tastes homemade without the fuss.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Small: Every kitchen needs a versatile extra virgin olive oil, and this one from Fratepietro is a stunner. It’s made from a blend of bella di Cerignola and coratina olives grown in sunny Puglia on the Fratepietro family estate. It is well-balanced enough to use in everyday cooking but has a crisp flavor that shines as a finishing oil.

This all-in-one box has everything you need to cook an amazing lasagna - recipe included!
Easy Holiday Lasagna recipe serves 8

Lasagne Sheets Pasta: 1.1 lbs

Dried Oregano: 0.8 oz

Organic Tomato Sauce with Basil: 19.4 oz

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Small: 8.4 oz
Lasagne Sheets Pasta: Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten.

Dried Oregano: 100% dried oregano

Organic Tomato Sauce with Basil: Tomato pulp* (Italian origin) (44%), tomato puree* (Italian origin) (44%), onion* (7.5%), extra virgin olive oil* (3%), basil* (1%), salt (0.5%). *Organic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Small: 100% Extra virgin olive oil