Journey To Piedmont Truffles Box

These mini truffles are just right for a pick-me-up with a midday espresso in flavors from sweet amaretto to luxe dark chocolate.

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Take a sweet tour of the rolling hills of one of Italy’s lushest regions with this Journey to Piedmont truffle assortment from Tartuflanghe. Made with rich chocolate and Piedmontese hazelnuts for a buttery texture, these small bites are about half the size of a regular truffle, just right for a sweet afternoon pick-me-up. This 20-piece assortment represents some of the most beloved flavors of the region: white chocolate, dark chocolate, cappuccino, amaretto, and peppermint.

It was only natural that the truffle experts at Tartuflanghe would branch out into the chocolate variety—they were founded nearly 50 years ago with a focus on the rare and highly prized fungi that grow in the forests of the northwestern region. In 2005, after years of delicious experimentation, the trifulòt ("tiny truffle") was born. These irresistible sweet truffles soon became one of their flagship products, and it doesn't take more than a taste to see why.

In 1975, chef Beppe Montanaro and his wife, Domenica, founded the company to celebrate their home’s most prized delicacy. (The company’s name is a play on words, combining the Italian for truffle, tartufo, with Langhe, where they are based.) They became internationally famous in 1990 when they introduced the world’s first truffle-infused dried pasta. Today, they are the stewards of 50 acres of lush woodland in the Piedmont region. Their savory truffles are still harvested in the old-fashioned way, with specially trained dogs who sniff out the fragrant delicacies underground. In their state-of-the-art solar-powered facility, Tartuflanghe is constantly innovating new ways to showcase the flavors of the Piedmont region they call home.
These diminutive bites are the perfect option when you want a little something sweet. Flavored with Piedmont hazelnuts, amaretti cookies, peppermint, and rich Italian espresso, this truffle assortment will please chocolate fans of all kinds.
Size: 5 oz