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For the purest expression of the art of olive oil, look no further than this organic olive oil from Intini. From the fourth-generation experts of the Intini family, this single-varietal oil is made with coratina olives that are grown organically in Puglia. Widely considered to be the queen of the region’s varieties, coratina have a notable spiciness and depth of flavor that is prized among olive oil aficionados. They are hand-picked when they are at their best in the month of November, as southern temperatures begin to drop. From field to bottle, nothing but natural goodness gets into this olive oil. The result is an intensely fruity, moderately spicy oil that has won multiple gold medals at international competitions.

Since 1928, the Intini family have been in search of the perfect olive oil in the town of Alberobello in Puglia, the southeastern heel to Italy’s boot. The utterly picturesque Alberobello is famous for its centuries-old conical stone huts called trulli. Originally built as temporary housing for farm workers, these whitewashed structures are so unique, they have been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. On their 20 acres of olive groves, Intini are dedicated to finding new ways to express the heart and soul of their home. They are constantly innovating, developing new olive varietals and building new pressing systems to support the time-honored traditions of generations of olive oil makers.
- First Prize Sol d'Oro
- First Prize Sirena d'Oro di Sorrento
- Bronze medal category Organic Sol d’Oro 2018
- Best in Class category Organic Japan Olive Oil Prize 2018
- Premiere Medal Olive Japan 2018 International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
- Two hearts Merum Taschenführer Olivenöl 2018
- Third place cat. Organic Sorrento Golden Mermaid Award 2018
- Extragold Medal Biol International Prize 2018
- Included in the Der Feinschmecker 2018 guide
This olive oil has a medium-to-intense fruitiness and a pleasantly spicy finish with notes of artichoke and green olive. Use it as a finishing touch on dishes such as grilled fish or vegetables, white meat, and tuna or swordfish carpaccio. It pairs especially well with pastas with light, vegetable-focused sauces. For a decadently grown-up dessert, drizzle this flavorful oil over vanilla gelato with a sprinkle of crunchy sea salt.
Extra virgin olive oil
Size: 17 oz