Gold Wrapped Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Galateo & Friends
Mild and sweet, this delicate oil is made with hand-picked taggiasca olives that are beloved in their native Liguria.

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Style meets substance in this light, fruity taggiasca olive oil from Galateo & Friends. Native to Liguria, the small, juicy taggiasca olive is beloved in the region both for eating and as a source of an oil of exceptional delicacy and aroma. They are harvested once they reach the dark blue-violet color of peak ripeness, resulting in a milder, less bitter oil than those made with unripe olives. This monovarietal extra virgin oil is cold-pressed and unfiltered to retain its natural aromatics and rich antioxidant profile, golden yellow in color, with a sweet and fruity flavor with notes of ripe olives and almonds. The bottle is wrapped in gold foil to protect the delicate oil from oxidation, a fittingly luxurious package for such a stunning elixir.

Based in Liguria, Italy's stylish northwestern region, sometimes known as the Italian Riviera, Galateo & Friends was started by Marco Bonaldo, a food expert with more than 30 years of experience creating incredible olive oils and vinegar. After building partnerships with some of the most stylish brands in the world, including Armani and Versace, he decided to create his own line of products that combines style and substance. Owned by Casa Olearia Taggiasca, Galateo & Friends (galateo is Italian for etiquette) is a brand dedicated to the art of living, going beyond the best to bring the natural goodness of Liguria’s oils and vinegar to your table in a decidedly beautiful package.

This unfiltered olive oil has notes of ripe olives and almond. To protect its subtle flavors, it should not be heated, but used only as a finishing oil and on cold dishes. It pairs well with seafood and carpaccios of all kinds. Use this oil on salads like a classic panzanella or drizzle over melon and prosciutto. It’s also delightful drizzled on risottos and other rice dishes.
Size: 17 oz
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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