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Gianduja Assorted Chocolate Box Large

Guido Gobino

Size | 0.7 lbs

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Made with care by a second-generation master chocolatier, this is an elegant selection of the assortment of Guido Gobino’s 5 recipes of the Tourinot, finely arranged by hand. Tourinot is an exquisite taste of Piedmont. Known as the chocolate capital of Italy, the Piedmont region is home to a number of the country’s top artisans—and Guido Gobino is considered one of the best. Guido Gobino’s Tourinot comes in five flavors, ranging from creamy white chocolate to the ultra-dark No. 10, all carefully blended with sweet Piedmont hazelnuts.

There’s no sweet more characteristically Piedmontese than gianduja. It was created out of necessity in the early 1800s, when Napoleon blocked all French allies—including Italy—from trading goods with the British. This restriction of British supplies included cocoa, which forced Italian chocolatiers to get a bit creative to stretch their supply. They turned to an ingredient they had in abundance: the plump, flavorful hazelnuts that grow in the Langhe mountains, just south of Turin. The chocolate masters created a spread of roughly 70% cocoa and 30% hazelnut paste, and gianduja was born! Today, Turin is famous for this delicious chocolate innovation.

In 1964, Giuseppe Gobino took his experience as a cocoa refiner to the candy business, establishing an artisan chocolate shop in Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region. Today, his son Guido carries on his legacy of excellence. Aside from the chocolate, which is carefully selected from Central and South America, every ingredient in their products is purely Italian. The raw cacao beans are roasted and processed in their own state-of-the-art facility, as are the hazelnuts they source directly from local farmers. Milk comes from Piedmontese dairy farmers, and even the sugar is from Italian beets. Every step of the chocolate-making process is managed by hand to ensure the highest quality in every bite.

Tourinot are small, individually wrapped soft gianduja chocolates. This assortment contains the following flavors: No. 10, with an intense dark chocolate; Maximo, a pure chocolate and hazelnut blend without milk; Maximo +39, with 39% Piedmont hazelnuts; Bianco, crafted with creamy white chocolate and orange zest; and the classic original milk chocolate blend.
Size: 0.7 lbs
Sugar, Piedmont HAZELNUT, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, ALMOND from Sicily, whole MILK powder, cocoa powder, fat-reduced cocoa powder, integral sea salt, orange zest, natural extract of vanilla. Gluten-free. It may contain traces of SOY. Store in a cool place at 18-20 °C.