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Gluten Free Pasta Box


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Who says you can’t enjoy Italian food while eating gluten-free? Italy has a long tradition of taking gluten intolerance seriously—for a country that loves its pasta, it should be no surprise that they want to make sure everyone can enjoy it.

This beautifully wrapped kit will make the perfect present for the gluten-free Italian pasta lover in your life!

This box contains:
Gluten-Free Pene Rigate: One of the most well-known pasta shapes in the world, penne rigate, are medium-length tubes that trap delicious sauce in the ridges that run down their sides. "Rigate" means grooves - given that this type of penne has grooves on the surface of each penna. The grooved version allows the sauce to adhere to its surface, making every mouthful rich and tasty!

Gluten-Free Brown Rice Fusilli: With a focus on the highest quality ingredients, this fusilli from Massimo Zero is a truly superior gluten-free pasta—and trust us, we've tried a lot. Made from corn and rice flour and boosted with rice bran, it’s virtually indistinguishable from our favorite whole wheat pasta. You can even use the starchy cooking water! Fusilli’s iconic corkscrew shape makes this a perfect match for any hearty sauce or pasta salad recipe in your repertoire.

Pomodorino Di Corbara Whole Tomatoes: While these tomatoes are definitely are a step up in price from grocery store varieties, the difference in flavor is unmistakable. They are the ultimate embodiment of the Italian philosophy of cooking: selecting only the best-quality ingredients—no matter how humble—and preparing them simply. With just these tomatoes, a packet of good pasta, and some olive oil and parmigiana, you can have a dinner party-worthy dinner ready at a moment’s notice.

Organic Oregano Bunch: No Italian pantry is complete without a steady supply of oregano, and this dried oregano is a beautiful way to stock up. This organic oregano is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting.

Pistachio Pesto: The classic pesto from Genoa gets a Sicilian twist in this pistachio pesto. Sicilian pistachios are renowned across Italy for their depth of flavor—they’re ultra-sweet and aromatic, with a brilliant green hue and intense creaminess. Here, they’re ground with extra-virgin olive oil and salt for a unique condiment that’s salty and savory with a hint of elegant, luscious sweetness. It’s a unique taste of the southern Mediterranean that makes a delightful accompaniment to foods of all kinds, from fish to veggies.

Size: 5 items